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Games Organized for Dasara
Running 50 Mtrs
Running 100 Mtrs
Running 200 Mtrs
Running 400 Mtrs
Long Jump
Tug of War (Team)
Tug of War (Individual)
Throw ball (Team) (if you have full Team 6 Players)
Throw Ball (Individual)
Kabadi (Team) (if you have full Team 7 Players)
Volley Ball (Team) (if you have full Team 6 Players)
Badminton Single
Badminton Double
Badminton Mix Double
Football (Team)
Passing the Ring
Musical Chair
Badminton Doubles
Kho Kho (Team)
Kho Kho (Individual)
Gombe Spardhe
Lemon and Spoon
Frog Jump